Publish Your Store Page

After you sign into your account, you will see your store page on the left menu, something like This is your unique, dedicated, and exclusive store URL address. Whoever orders any product on your store, you will earn a commission, equal to 9.5% of the product price.

To attract your customers, you can post your store page to any Internet asset you have, which typically includes:

  • websites you own using standard domain, e.g. You can for instance start your own shopping guide in which you recommend products which can also be found on Bestaah, including link and banners.
  • paid or free blogs, e.g. You can publish a link or banner which is related to the subject of your blog. Let's say you love writing about home decor, then banners that promote wall clocks will probably have a high click-through rate.
  • forums: this also is a very good place to promote products that are related to the visitor’s interests. You can post your store page in a thread comment while recommending products with a personal message.
  • social networking pages, e.g.
  • online chat programs. you can send the links directly to your friends during your online conversations.

To diversify your advertisement, you can use naked URL website, text link, short link or image link. Here is how you can approach: