Why You Should not Take Aspirin During Pregnancy

Why You Should not Take Aspirin during Pregnancy

Aspirin is an acetylsalicylic acid medicine used to combat fever and pain, which can be bought at pharmacies and drugstores even without a prescription. However, aspirin should not be taken in pregnancy without medical knowledge, because doses above 100 mg of ascorbic acid can be harmful, and increase the risk of miscarriage.

Therefore, taking Aspirin in pregnancy should only be done in small doses, when indicated by the doctor. Usually the occasional taking of 1 or 2 Aspirin tablets in the first weeks of gestation does not seem to be harmful to the woman or the baby, but in case of doubt you should tell your doctor and have an ultrasound to see if everything is okay.

Why You Should not Take Aspirin during Pregnancy

Although the doctor may prescribe taking small daily doses of aspirin in the 1st and 2nd trimesters of pregnancy, Aspirin is absolutely contraindicated in the third trimester, more specifically after 27 weeks’ gestation, because complications can occur at the time of delivery, such as bleeding that puts the woman’s life at risk.

The use of Aspirin after childbirth should also be done with caution, because daily doses over 150 mg pass through breast milk and may harm the baby. If treatment with larger doses is required, discontinuation of breastfeeding is recommended.

Safe Aspirin Dose in Pregnancy

Thus, to use Aspirin in Pregnancy, it is recommended:

Gestation period Dose
1st quarter (1 to 13 weeks) At most 100 mg per day
2nd quarter (14-26 weeks) At most 100 mg per day
3rd quarter (after 27 weeks) Contraindicated – Never use
During breastfeeding At most 150 mg per day

Other Alternatives to Aspirin

To combat fever and pain during pregnancy, the most indicated drug is Paracetamol because it is safe and can be used at this stage, because it does not increase the risk of miscarriage or bleeding.

However, it must be taken after medical advice, because it can affect the liver when used too often, bringing discomfort to the woman. In addition, taking more than 500 mg of Paracetamol daily increases the risk of the baby having less concentration and more difficulty learning.

Home Remedies for Fever and Pain in Pregnancy

  • Fever: It  is the most appropriate to adopt simple strategies such as bathing, wetting the wrists, underarms and the neck with fresh water and wearing less clothing, resting in a well ventilated place.
  • Pain: take chamomile tea that has soothing action or take advantage of aromatherapy with lavender which has the same effect.