What to Buy for Baby Arrival

What to Buy for Baby Arrival

Have you bought everything for your baby? Cradle, stroller, clothes, shoes or bib are some of the important items that should come in the list of things to buy for the baby that is on the way.

What to Buy for Baby Arrival

Preparing baby’s outfits is a very important time for parents, so that they can prepare to receive the new family member while anticipating that their life will change. This is a task that may not be as easy as it seems, because there are many items that need to be purchased. So to help parents in this task of buying and preparing everything for the arrival of the baby, here is a short list to compose a basic baby layette, but with everything that may be necessary:

1. Furniture

The furniture is one of the important things of the baby’s trousseau, being necessary: ​​crib, musketeer, exchanger, chair or sofa to breastfeed, closet, support table or bassinet.

2. Hygiene Products

Baby hygiene products are another very important item on the list, such as: rinse cream, swabs, brush or comb, scissors, alcohol, cotton, wipes, neutral soap, shampoo, thermometer, bathtub, towel, disposable diapers and cloth, these are medium products to carry for the baby’s exchanges away from home.

To calculate the number of diapers needed for your baby, try our calculator.

3. Roupinhas

Baby clothing should be comfortable and easy to change, and it is recommended: pagan shirts, overalls, t-shirts, cueiros, coats, cap, socks and slippers, bib, blankets, sheets and pillowcases, crib protector, pillow.

In addition, the clothes are also needed in the baby’s trunk to the hospital.

4. Food

For baby feeding, there are some items that are needed like: baby bottle, suck, pacifier, plate, cutlery, cup with handle.

5. Baby Cart

When it comes to buying a baby stroller, you have to take into account the comfort, strength and practicality of the stroller, and the price is also a very important factor, as there are strollers that can be very expensive. There are some types of trolleys that are very practical because they come together with the car seat, being possible to use the same base in both situations. In addition, there are also strollers that are suitable for different ages, which makes them adapted to accompany the growth of the baby.

Before buying the cart, you should always try to take a ride with it in the store, to ensure that it is light and easy to maneuver and has all the features you need.

This short list for the baby’s outfit serves as a guide for parents, and it is important to remember that it can be adapted according to the financial conditions.

In addition, all clothes, blankets, sheets, pillowcases must first be washed before being used by the baby, and all labels must be removed. To prepare baby clothes, these should be washed by themselves with suitable baby detergents without enzymes and mild softeners, and should be dried indoors to avoid contact with pollution and dust from the outside.