Physical Activity in Pregnancy

Physical Activity in Pregnancy

Physical activity for pregnancy should be light and relaxing and can be performed daily, but always respecting the limitations of the woman. The best physical activities for pregnancy include walking, water aerobics, swimming, yoga, exercise bike and stretching exercises.

Physical Activity in Pregnancy

These types of exercises help control weight gain, do not harm the knees and improve the cardiovascular system, being beneficial to the mother and the baby.

However, any physical activity as long as it is well guided can be performed during pregnancy, always respecting the limits of the woman and her physical capacity, and those who already practiced physical activity before becoming pregnant have more options of activities than the woman who was a slave and that she only started exercising after she discovered the pregnancy.


Risks of intense training during pregnancy

Intense workouts should be avoided during pregnancy, because they may impair fetal development. Physical activity during pregnancy brings many benefits, but in the case of athletes, it is necessary to slow down in order not to harm the health of the baby.

In women who are athletes and have a more intense workout, it is normal not to have menstruation and therefore the pregnancy can be discovered after a few months of gestation. In this case, once the athlete knows that she is pregnant, it is important to inform the trainer so that the training is adequate because the excess of physical activity can favor the labor before the due date. After the birth of the baby it is also important to dosage well the training, so that they do not affect the production of breast milk.

Can the pregnant woman do physical activity in early pregnancy?

Physical activity can be practiced from the start of pregnancy as long as it is guided by a physical trainer and if the class is specially targeted to pregnant women. However, it is recommended to talk to your doctor before starting any physical activity, as there are some contraindications to exercise during pregnancy, which include pregnancy of twins and the risk of pre-mature birth, for example.

Nevertheless, when physical activity is performed correctly during pregnancy, respecting the limitations of the woman, it brings more benefits than harm to both the mother and the baby.