Is it Possible to Get Pregnant at Menopause

Is it Possible to Get Pregnant at Menopause?

Menopause is when the woman spends 12 months without menstruation, and this occurs most often between the ages of 48 and 51, marking the end of her reproductive period. Of course the woman can not get pregnant after the onset of menopause, but it is possible to get pregnant when the woman is still entering menopause, a period called climacteric, where symptoms such as headache, heat waves and irregular menstruation are present.

Is it Possible to Get Pregnant at Menopause

So if the woman has not had tubal ligation and is not using any contraceptive method and continues to have intimate contact, she may become pregnant and so if this is not her desire even if she suspects that she is entering menopause, she should continue using contraceptive methods to avoid the unwanted pregnancy.

Climacteric pregnancy?

Pregnancy during the premenopausal period can be at risk for both the woman and the baby. The symptoms are the same as those of a common pregnancy, with morning sickness, drowsiness, mood swings, and the main difference is that the woman may find out that she is pregnant later, since the menstrual delay is one of the first symptoms that characterize the pregnancy , but in this case, it is expected not to be present every month.

After discovering the pregnancy, you should go to the gynecologist to start prenatal care. The woman should go to the doctor every month and perform blood and ultrasound examinations at least once every quarter or whenever the doctor requests to monitor the development of the baby. This care is very important because pregnancy after the age of 40 has some risks, such as increased chances of gestational diabetes, eclampsia, abortion, premature delivery and there is also a greater possibility of the baby having some syndrome.

How to avoid late pregnancy

To avoid late pregnancy, which can happen when the woman is entering the menopause, it is recommended to take the contraceptive pill or use the condom in every intimate contact.

It is also recommended to go to the gynecologist to assess their hormonal status and indicate if the woman is already in menopause or if she is still living the climacteric and expect from this phase of life.

How to get pregnant at menopause

After the onset of menopause, the woman can no longer become pregnant because her ovaries stop working. However, if pregnancy is still a desire, the gynecologist can indicate what to do because there are treatments to get pregnant with techniques of assisted reproduction, such as vitro fertilization with the use of eggs from another donor.

But before deciding to get pregnant at this stage, the woman should talk to her doctor as there are limitations that can hinder this process and even harm the woman’s life.