How to Treat Bronchitis in Pregnancy

How to Treat Bronchitis in Pregnancy

How to Treat Bronchitis in Pregnancy

The treatment of bronchitis in pregnancy is very important, because bronchitis in pregnancy, when uncontrolled or treated, can harm the baby, increasing the risk of preterm birth, the baby being born with low weight or delayed growth.

Thus, treatment for bronchitis in pregnancy should be done in the same way that it was done before the woman became pregnant and could be done with:

  • Rest;
  • Ingestion of liquids, such as water or tea, to help fluidize and remove secretions;
  • Corticosteroid or progesterone remedies indicated by the obstetrician;
  • Remedies to lower fever, such as Tylenol, for example, under the guidance of the obstetrician;
  • Nebulisations with saline and bronchodilator medications indicated by the obstetrician, such as Berotec or Salbutamol, for example;
  • Spray bronchodilator medications, such as Aerolin, for example;
  • Physiotherapy through breathing exercises.

Treatment for bronchitis in pregnancy helps relieve the symptoms of bronchitis, such as coughing, catarrh, difficulty breathing, wheezing, or shortness of breath. It is normal for pregnant women to feel pain in the abdomen, because when they cough, the muscles of the abdomen are contracted.

Recommendations for Bronchitis in Pregnancy

Some recommendations for bronchitis in pregnancy are:

  • Drink lemon tea with honey or ginger tea during the day;
  • Try to calm down during a coughing crisis and when it’s getting better, take 1 tablespoon of carrot syrup and honey, which is made with 4 carrots for 1 cup honey;
  • Do acupuncture along with the treatment for bronchitis.

These recommendations help treat bronchitis in pregnancy by relieving coughing and improving the mother’s breathing.

Signs of Improved Bronchitis in Pregnancy

Signs of improved bronchitis in pregnancy include decreased coughing, disappearance of wheezing while breathing, difficulty breathing, and decreased phlegm.

Signs of Worsening Bronchitis in Pregnancy

Signs of worsening bronchitis in pregnancy include increased coughing, increased phlegm, bluish or purplish nails and fingers, difficulty breathing, chest pain, and swelling of the legs and feet.

Complications of Bronchitis in Pregnancy

Some complications of bronchitis in pregnancy include pulmonary emphysema, pneumonia, or heart failure, which can lead to symptoms such as intense difficulty breathing and body swelling and so it is important to perform the treatment proposed by the doctor.