How to Treat Belly Pain During Pregnancy

How to Treat Belly Pain During Pregnancy

To stop belly pain caused by diarrhea in pregnancy, it is important to avoid drugs and foods that hold the intestine for at least the first 3 days, allowing the liquid feces and microorganisms involved to escape.

How to Treat Belly Pain During Pregnancy

Thus, when the pregnant woman has a stomach ache and diarrhea, it is recommended to:

  • Drink liquids like water, coconut water, homemade whey, teas or natural juices during the day to avoid dehydration;
  • Eat easily digestible foods such as cooked and shelled fruits and vegetable purees, for example;
  • Eat cooked or grilled foods like boiled rice and pasta, boiled chicken and avoid frying;
  • Eat in small quantities;
  • Avoid eating high-fiber foods such as cereals, peeled fruits, wheat germ, pulses and dried fruits;
  • Do not eat sausages, milk and milk products, chocolate, coffee, black tea, cakes, biscuits, sauces and sweets because they stimulate the intestine or are difficult to digest.

Generally diarrhea in pregnancy does not harm the baby, only in cases where it is caused by a serious intestinal infection, and the woman needs to be hospitalized. Simpler cases, when diarrhea occurs due to nervousness or because the woman ate something that was unfit for consumption do not usually affect the baby, but in any case one should avoid dehydration.

Homemade medicine

Chamomile tea is a great home remedy for tummy ache in pregnancy because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and soothing action. To make tea, simply add 3 teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers in a cup of boiling water, allow to cool, strain and drink. This tea can be taken 3 times a day or in small amounts, and also always after an episode of diarrhea because it helps to moisturize the body.

Remedies to stop diarrhea

Diarrhea in pregnancy should be treated very carefully and always under medical supervision because some remedies can pass to the baby through the placenta.

Thus, the remedies that are generally considered safe in pregnancy are probiotics, because they help replenish the intestinal flora, reducing diarrhea in a gradual, healthy and safe way, as is the case with UL 250 and Floratil. Taking natural yogurt without sugar and Yakult can also help regulate the gut.

In addition, as a complement to any treatment, one should always drink plenty of fluids, to replenish the water eliminated in diarrhea. For this, there are oral rehydration solutions in pharmacies that have water and mineral salts in composition.

Antidiarrheals are not advised in pregnancy, because in addition to passing to the baby, these medicines can prevent the outflow of pathological microorganisms, worsening the situation.

When to go to the obstetrician

The pregnant woman should consult the obstetrician or go to the hospital in cases where the belly pain is very strong and intense, they have vomiting or a fever higher than 38ºC and the stool has blood. In the presence of these symptoms, it is important for the pregnant woman to seek medical help to make the diagnosis and to begin the treatment indicated by the doctor as soon as possible.