How to Relieve Headache in Pregnancy

How to Relieve Headache in Pregnancy

Headache in pregnancy usually appears in the first trimester of pregnancy, and can occur due to various causes such as hormonal changes, tiredness, nasal congestion, low blood sugar, stress and hunger. Generally, the headache in pregnancy tends to decrease or to disappear because the hormones tend to stabilize.

However, the headache in pregnancy can result from high blood pressure if it is constant and if it appears accompanied by pain in the stomach and blurred vision. In this case, the pregnant woman should go immediately to the obstetrician because these symptoms may indicate a health problem called preeclampsia, which is characterized by high blood pressure and fluid retention, which leads to body swelling and loss of protein by urine.

How to Relieve Headache in Pregnancy

How to relieve headache in pregnancy

What can be done to relieve headache in pregnancy is:

  • Rest in a quiet environment, without noise and with the lights off;
  • Apply a cold water pack to the neck or forehead;
  • In case of headache due to nasal congestion, apply a warm water compress around the eyes and nose;
  • Eat every 3 hours and in a small amount;
  • Do regular physical activity;
  • Try to maintain a regular sleep schedule;
  • Bathe in warm or cold water or wash your face with cold water.

Acupuncture and massage are also great solutions to relieve headaches in pregnancy.

What to take to relieve headache in pregnancy

The medicine that can be taken for headache in pregnancy is Paracetamol, but should always be under the guidance of the obstetrician because excessive doses can affect the liver, being harmful to health.

Some teas that can relieve the headache in pregnancy are chamomile tea, but only 1 cup of tea a day to not harm the baby.

Choosing home remedies like putting a cold compress on the head is always the best option to combat headache in pregnancy.