How to Recover from the Cesarean Section Quickly

To accelerate the recovery of caesarean, the woman should use the postpartum strap to avoid the accumulation of liquid in the region of the scar, called seroma, and ingest about 2 liters of water or other liquids per day. In addition, it is also important to eat foods rich in protein to make healing faster and avoid making too much effort.

How to Recover from the Cesarean Section Quickly

The total time for recovery from cesarean section varies from woman to woman, some can stand up to hours after surgery, while others need more time to recover, especially if there is any complication during labor.

Post-cesarean recovery is not easy, as it is a major surgery and the body will need about 6 months to recover. About 10 to 12 hours after the cesarean section, a nurse should indicate that the woman should take a shower, which can be apparently difficult. The woman will probably need help and the nurse or a chaperone may be needed.

You will need help getting in and out of bed, so it will be easier if someone can stay with you to give you the baby when it cries or wants to nurse.

Hospital time

The length of hospital stay for childbirth is usually 3 days, and after this period, if the woman and baby are well, they can go home, but in some cases the two or one of the two may stay a few more days in the hospital to recover from any situation, which can occur if the baby has jaundice.

Home recovery

After discharge, the woman should recover at home, so it is advisable to have extra help, especially in the early days. The woman should avoid efforts, focusing solely on her well-being, breastfeeding and baby care. Housekeeping should not be a priority and so any help is welcome.

The use of a postpartum brace is advised to give more comfort, decreasing the feeling that the organs are loose within the abdomen and to decrease the risk of seroma in the scar. It is also necessary to use an overnight absorbent, as there will be a bleeding similar to a heavy menstruation, which can last up to 60 days.

How to care for the cesarean scar

As for the scar, the stitches should only be removed 8 days after the cesarean section and it can be washed normally during the bath. If the woman is experiencing a lot of pain, she can take the pain reliever prescribed by the doctor.

During bathing, it is recommended not to wet the dressing, but when the doctor puts on a waterproof dressing, one can bathe normally, without risk of watering. It should be noted if the dressing is always clean, if there is too much secretion, one should go back to the doctor to clean the region and put on a new dressing.

In addition to recovery being slower, it is also important to remember that cesarean delivery brings greater risks of complications during and after surgery.