How to Lose Belly After Pregnancy

To decrease the amount of body fat after pregnancy, it is recommended to follow a hypocaloric diet and do exercises that strengthen the abdomen and back to improve posture while avoiding back pain, which is very common after the baby’s birth due to bad posture during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How to Lose Belly After Pregnancy

You can start doing the exercises to decrease fat mass from 20 days after normal delivery and 40 days after cesarean section, or according to medical guidelines. Some examples of exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles after pregnancy are:

Exercise 1

Lying belly up, raise your hip to the maximum height you can and stay in that position for 1 minute and then lower your hips. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

Exercise 2

Lying belly up, keep the torso standing on the floor while raising both legs at the same time. Keep your legs elevated for 1 minute while keeping your belly muscles contracted. If it is necessary, raise or lower the leg a little until you feel the abdominal contraction. Do this exercise 5 times repeated.



In addition to these exercises, it is important for the woman to do some form of aerobic exercise to burn enough calories and to lose weight faster. It may be rollerblading, cycling, running or swimming, for example.

A physical trainer can do an evaluation in person and indicate the best exercises for the young mother, when the goal is only to regain physical fitness for non-therapeutic purposes.

In addition to diet and exercise, what you can do to lose belly after pregnancy is to pass a cream that contains caffeine in its composition, because it helps to burn localized fat. Some examples of this cream to lose belly are the manipulated cream of Xantina with average price: $ 50, and the Cellu Destock, brand Vichy with average price 100 reais.