How to Buy Maternity Pants
Pregnant Clothes

How to Buy Maternity Pants

How to Buy Maternity Pants

When we’re pregnant, it doesn’t show right away; in fact, we can go through the first three to four months without shopping for new clothes. However, as our belly expands, we will inevitably feel the need to buy some specially designed items of clothing. More than anything else, maternity pants will be a necessity.

Don’t rush with shopping

  • Wait until you really need maternity pants.

Although it can be pretty tempting and exciting to shop for maternity clothes, there is no need to buy anything before we can actually wear it. Also, we most likely have some stretchy clothes in our closet that will fit us during the first couple of months of our pregnancy. For example, loose-fitting dresses, leggings, or pants with elastic waists.

We recommend waiting at least until the third month of the pregnancy before heading shopping; if possible, it’s better to wait even longer. Waiting is important because we will gain a better understanding of how much weight we are gaining. In turn, that will allows us to make smart choices once we start shopping for maternity clothes.

Needless to say, we don’t want to wear anything that makes us uncomfortable around our belly. When our regular clothes start to feel restrictive, we should go ahead and purchase some maternity clothing.

Maternity Dresses

  • Check if your friends and relatives have some maternity clothes you could borrow.

Since most of us need maternity clothes for only six months or so, we shouldn’t spend too much on it. In addition, we may gain more weight than we originally thought, and may need to buy an even larger size in the last stages of our pregnancy. So, it’s smart to ask our close friends or family members who have recently given birth if we could borrow some of their maternity pants.

  • Think about what you really need.

Once we have outgrown our regular clothes and borrowed some things from our friends and relatives, we should think about what else we need to get through the rest of our pregnancy comfortably. In most cases, two to three casual pairs of pants or jeans, and one fancy option will suffice. Moreover, if we are smart while shopping, and we choose pants that can work in various situations, we won’t need anything else.

  • Browse second-hand clothing shops.

Since they only need maternity clothing for a limited period of time, many women decide to sell theirs to second-hand shops once they have given birth. Many such stores are packed with maternity clothes that have been worn only a couple of times! In addition, second-hand shops sell clothes at cheaper prices than standard department stores. Also, as we will wear these pieces of clothing for a short period of time, it makes sense to save as much as possible on them.

Buying Maternity Pants

  • Understand the sizes.

Most maternity pants are sized in the same way as regular clothes. So, if we used to wear a size large or a size 10 before our pregnancy, we should look for maternity pants in the same size. The same goes for jeans and pants that are sized in inches. If we normally wear a 25-inch, we will wear it while we’re pregnant too, even though our waist has grown significantly.

  • Don’t give up on style.

If we are pregnant, that doesn’t mean we can’t look stylish. There is a wide selection of maternity pants on the market today; we can choose ones that are elegant, sporty, tight, flared, casual, etc. Moreover, there are many styles and colors available. We should opt for something that we really like.

  • Choose the model that works for you.

Maternity pants usually come in three basic models:

  • Maternity pants with an elastic belt. The belt is normally broad and flexible, making it easy to adapt to our growing belly. However, as the waist sits in the same place as on regular pants, these models are best for early stages of our pregnancy. Once our belly starts to strain against the belt, it’s time to stop wearing them.
  • Maternity pants with a belt that falls below our navel. This type of maternity pants doesn’t sit tightly across our belly, and they are ideal for the middle of our pregnancy. The problem with this model is that it tends to sit very low, and they tend to drop even lower when we sit or bend. We recommend testing them to check if the fit is good.
  • Maternity pants with a belt that sits above our belly.These pants have a big elastic band, which covers our whole belly. They are very flexible and we can use them in all stages of our pregnancy.

Maternity Pants

  • Search for pants that will last throughout the pregnancy.

Maternity pants that have adjustable or elasticated waists and elastic side panels will stretch as our belly expands, making them a perfect choice. Also, pants with a lot of elastane and spandex will easily adapt to our body and move with us as we grow.

  • Steer clear of “skinny” pants.

When we are pregnant, our belly isn’t the only thing that expands – we can carry some weight in our legs as well. In fact, in the last stages, our ankles and calves might swallow. So, we shouldn’t buy pants that are narrow in the legs; that could make us uncomfortable.

  • Look for natural materials.

Pants made of natural materials, such as cotton, are more comfortable than those made of artificial materials, especially in the summer. It will be easy for our skin to breathe if we wear natural materials; also, we won’t sweat too much.

Pants Material

  • Try on the pants before you buy them.

Before we head to the cash register, we should try the pants we want. Also, it’s a good idea to sit down and walk around the store a bit, so that we can be sure that they are comfortable and that they don’t restrict our movement. If the pants feel a bit tight on us, we shouldn’t buy them, as we will only get bigger.

We also advise checking the elastic to determine if it’s stretchy enough. If it doesn’t expand much, the pants probably won’t last through our last trimester.

When we buy maternity pants online and we can’t try them on, we should take our measurements and compare them to the sizing chart. The measurement of our hips is the most important one to consider. If we are in doubt, we should choose the larger size.

  • Adjust the pants if needed.

Our maternity pants shouldn’t sit too tightly around our belly. Adjusting the waist and making our pants fit properly is essential. Furthermore, we should spread the belt in order to make it less bulky and less visible under our clothes.