How It Is Possible to Get Pregnant during Pregnancy

Overcrowding is a condition where the woman impregnates twins but not exactly at the same time, having a few days of difference in conception. Usually this happens in women who are performing some treatment to get pregnant, such as the use of ovulation inducers, but still this is not a common situation.

How It Is Possible to Get Pregnant during Pregnancy

In a common pregnancy after conception, the woman’s body prevents ovulation from happening again and therefore another ovum can not be fertilized. However, there may be some alteration at the hormonal level, which means that even if you were pregnant a few days ago, the woman could ovulate again, at the risk of being fertilized, becoming pregnant with twins, when in reality she only expected 1 baby.

How to know that twins are different ages

The only way to know that twins have different weeks of life is through ultrasound that indicates that one baby has less development than the other. However, it is not always that the woman is pregnant with different twins and that one seems smaller than the other, there has been overfeeding.

Initially the woman will not notice any difference and will find that she is pregnant at the normal time when she presents symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, sensitive breasts or delayed menstruation. The doctor may suspect that it is a twin pregnancy when he / she verifies that the levels of Beta HCG are very high and confirms that it is a pregnancy of twins performing the ultrasound. And it is at this hour that overcrowding can be discovered. Overfeeding is a very rare condition that only occurs in women who become pregnant due to treatment with hormones.

How it can happen

The pregnancy of twins of different ages can happen because the sperm remains alive inside the uterus for about 3 days. Assuming that the woman was ovulating and there was close contact, if 1 sperm can get into the ovum, there will be conception and this indicates that she is pregnant with only 1 baby.

If for some reason even after this conception the woman presents another mature ovum, if it is fertilized 2 or 3 days later by the sperm that may have come from the same sexual relation or not, she will then be pregnant with the 2nd baby. In that case she will be pregnant with twins and they will be twins because each will have their placenta.


The most common is that the difference in conception days for each baby is very small and therefore should not influence the time of birth. In any case, if the difference is great, if there is more than 4 weeks of difference between one baby and another, when the new baby is ready to be born, the baby should be delivered but this depends on several factors, because the older baby can not spend more than 41 weeks in the womb.

Generally, twins are delivered via caesarean section and need to stay in the hospital for a few days until they are over 2 kg and healthy to be discharged, which is not always the case at the same time.