High Cholesterol in Pregnancy

High Cholesterol in Pregnancy

Having high cholesterol in pregnancy is a normal situation, as at this stage an increase of about 60% in total cholesterol is expected. Cholesterol levels start to rise at 16 weeks of gestation and by 30 weeks it can be 50 or 60% higher than that of time before pregnancy.

But if the pregnant woman already had high cholesterol levels before becoming pregnant, she should be extra careful with her diet by eating a special diet, eating more foods high in fiber and vitamin C, like strawberries, orange and acerola, avoiding everything typical of fat.

High Cholesterol in Pregnancy

This control is very important because very high cholesterol in pregnancy can be harmful to the baby, who can accumulate fat strings inside his tiny blood vessels, which can favor the installation of a heart disease in childhood, and considerably increase his risk of suffering from weight problems and infarction in adult life.

How to Lower High Cholesterol in Pregnancy

To lower high cholesterol in pregnancy, it is recommended to do some type of physical activity daily and follow a diet for cholesterol. In this diet you should avoid processed foods, industrialized or fatty, giving preference to fruit consumption, about 3 times a day, vegetables twice a day, and whole grains whenever possible.

During pregnancy, the use of cholesterol medicines is contraindicated because of the risks they pose to the baby. But there are several home remedies made from fruits and medicinal plants that help lower cholesterol.