Exercises for Post-Cesarean

The post-caesarean exercises serve to strengthen the abdomen and combat sagging belly. They can be started about 6 weeks after the delivery of cesarean, since the doctor has released the practice of exercises and that healing is good.

Postpartum exercises should be started slowly and gradually and there are some gyms that allow the class to be accompanied by the baby.

Exercises for Post-Cesarean

Step-by-step exercises to do at home after caesarean section

Resting with your elbows and knees on the floor and back straight, contract the belly for 10 seconds. This time should be increased every week until it reaches 1 minute. For example, in the first week 5 seconds, in the second week 10 seconds, in the third week 20 seconds and so on.

You can do 3 sets of 20 reps for each exercise about 2 to 3 times a week. However, it is important not to do too heavy workouts like staying longer than 1 hour in the gym and spending more than 400 calories, because this can decrease milk production.

These postpartum exercises can be accompanied by walking, stretching exercises for arms and legs, jogging, bodybuilding, Pilates, yoga or localized gymnastics, because they promote caloric expenditure, improve blood circulation and help you lose weight.

Water exercises such as swimming and water aerobics should only be started after the obstetrician has been released, around 30 to 45 days after giving birth, since the cervix is ​​already properly closed, avoiding the risk of infection.