Changes in Sleep During Pregnancy

Changes in Sleep during Pregnancy

Changes in sleep during pregnancy, such as difficulty sleeping, light sleep and nightmares, are normal and affect most women, as a consequence of the hormonal changes typical of this phase.

Other situations that can worsen the quality of sleep of the pregnant woman are the size of the belly, the increase in the desire to go to the bathroom, the heartburn and the increase of the metabolism, which leaves the pregnant woman more active and prepare herself for the arrival of the baby.

Changes in Sleep during Pregnancy

Tips to improve sleep during pregnancy

Some tips for improving sleep in pregnancy are:

  • Put thick curtains in the room to avoid light;
  • Check the comfort of the room, if the bed and temperature are ideal;
  • Always sleep with 2 pillows, one to support the head and another to stay between the knees;
  • Avoid watching TV programs or stimulating movies, giving preference to the calm and quiet;
  • Consume bananas regularly to prevent cramps;
  • Place a 5 cm wedge on the head of the bed to avoid heartburn;
  • Avoid consumption of stimulant foods like coca cola, coffee, black tea and green tea.

Another important tip is in the third trimester of gestation, sleeping lying on the left side of the body, to improve blood flow to the baby and to the kidneys.

Following these tips can help improve sleep quality, but if you wake up often at night, try reading a book in the dim light as this promotes sleep. If the difficulty sleeping persists, inform the doctor.