Can Pregnant Dye Hair

Can the Pregnant Dye Hair?

It is safe to paint the hair during pregnancy, as more recent studies indicate that although many dyes use chemicals, they are not present in large quantities and therefore are not absorbed in sufficient concentration to reach the fetus and cause malformations.

However, since most hair paints continue to contain some kind of chemical, if you do not want to contain any scratches, it is best to choose water-based or non-ammonia paints.

So the best option is to always consult the obstetrician before using some type of hair dye, either at home or in the salon.

Can Pregnant Dye Hair

When it is safer to paint the hair

It is safer to dye hair after the first 3 months of pregnancy because during the first trimester all of the baby’s organs and muscles are starting to form and there is a greater risk of mutations. Thus, the use of any type of strong chemical, even if in contact with the skin, should be avoided.

Many pregnant women may feel the need to dye their hair right after the first month of pregnancy because with gestation the hair tends to grow faster, but ideally it is even better to avoid painting until after the first trimester.

What is the best color to dye your hair?

The best thing to paint the hair is to use soft color dyes, as the more vivid colors usually have a greater number of chemicals to allow the paint to grip the hair for longer. An alternative to chemically more effective paints is the use of natural dyes, such as Hena tincture or 100% vegetable paint, for example, which do not contain chemicals.

Tips to paint your hair during pregnancy

To paint your hair during pregnancy, you need some care like:

  • Paint the hair in a well ventilated place;
  • Always follow package directions;
  • Wear gloves to apply dye to hair;
  • Leave the dye in the hair for the indicated minimum time, not leaving it in the hair more than the recommended time;
  • Wash the scalp thoroughly after painting the hair.

This care should be taken if the pregnant woman decides to dye her hair at home or in the salon. If the pregnant woman continues to be concerned about the use of hair dye during pregnancy, she should consult the obstetrician or wait to dye her hair after delivery.