Best Clothing for Pregnancy

Best Clothing for Pregnancy

Wearing knit and cotton clothes is the best option to use in pregnancy, because they are soft and stretchy fabrics, adapting to the silhouette of the pregnant, maintaining a beautiful and elegant body even when the belly is already big. However, the pregnant woman can also opt for wide dresses and thin sweaters and the intimate clothes should be cotton to avoid allergies.

Best Clothing for Pregnancy

During pregnancy with increasing belly, it will become increasingly difficult to wear the clothes you have in the wardrobe and others are not appropriate because they are very fair and cause discomfort and swelling.

In this way, it is necessary to buy some new clothes, but changing the complete clothes guard is expensive and, therefore, one must buy some pieces that can be used in different phases of the pregnancy and in the postpartum and the most advantageous is to buy clothes that can be adjusted in a seamstress.

How to choose underwear

The pregnant woman should buy intimate cotton clothes because they are more comfortable and avoid allergies and infections, and the panties must be high waist and elastic to support the weight of the belly.

The bras should have wide straps to give a good support to the breasts, which are growing, especially from 3 months and to sleep one should choose a bra without rims.

In addition, to save money one can buy in the last months of pregnancy bras that are suitable for the stage of breastfeeding that have opening up.

What is the most comfortable clothing for the pregnant woman?

The ideal is for the pregnant woman to feel comfortable and at the same time beautiful and, therefore, she should wear clothes that suit her taste, temperature and practice for work. In this way, the pregnant woman should opt for fine fabrics, wearing sweaters and dresses, plus loose robes and gowns.

On colder days you can opt for cotton dresses that fit the body while remaining comfortable.

In addition, the pregnant woman should purchase shorts or waist-length trousers of elastic materials, such as polyester, to fit tightly to the legs or to choose loose trousers to prevent swelling of the legs and ankles.

Clothes to wear at work

When the pregnant woman wants to be well-dressed, she can wear shirts with buttons on the chest and wear a blazer on the coldest days, since it is not necessary to close the jacket, being a piece that can be worn throughout the pregnancy even if the belly grows .

Another good option is to wear long dresses and pregnant women who wish to stress the belly may apply a band on the dress.

Pregnant clothes for party

Wearing long overalls or fine fabric dresses are good party options, as it emphasizes the belly and lengthens the silhouette, making the pregnant elegant and comfortable.

Clothes to go in the gym

The pregnant woman who practices sports should wear cotton clothes that are well elastic to be comfortable and facilitate movement in the gym, opting for sweat-absorbing leggings and a comfortable t-shirt.

What are the best shoes in pregnancy?

The most important is to wear shoes that do not cause back pain, and usually the most comfortable are sandals or sneakers.

However, some women feel more stylish with high heels, especially at parties, and in these cases they should opt for shoes up to 5 cm in height with a thick heel, because so the body weight is better distributed throughout the foot.