Baby Development 28 Weeks Gestation

Baby Development – 28 Weeks Gestation

The development of the baby at 28 weeks of gestation, which is 7 months pregnant, is marked by the establishment of sleep pattern and wakefulness. That is, as of this week, the baby already wakes up and sleeps when they want, and has a less wrinkled appearance, because it begins to accumulate fat underneath the skin.

Baby Development 28 Weeks Gestation

When the fetus is born at 28 weeks, it can survive, however, it must stay in the hospital until its lungs are fully developed, allowing it to breathe on its own.

Fetal size at 28 weeks of gestation

The size of the fetus at 28 weeks’ gestation is approximately 36 centimeters from the head to the heel and the average weight is 1,100 g.

Baby development – 28 weeks pregnant

Regarding the development of the baby, at 28 weeks of gestation, the skin is less transparent and paler, due to the accumulation of fat. In addition, the brain cells multiply greatly, and the baby begins to react to the pain, touch, sound and light that passes through the mother’s belly, causing it to move more.

Even at 28 weeks of gestation, the fetus drinks the amniotic fluid and accumulates the feces in the gut, helping to build meconium.

Changes in woman

By the seventh month, breasts may leak colostrum and the expectant mother may have some difficulty falling asleep. Abdominal pressure is greatly increased and the gastrointestinal tract functions are more slowly, so heartburn or constipation sometimes accompanied by hemorrhoids may occur.

Thus, it is recommended to make small meals and with little liquids, slowly eating and chewing the food in order to avoid heartburn. Also, it is important to avoid taking laxatives to avoid constipation, as they can reduce the nutrient absorption of food, give preference to raw fruits and vegetables, with or without peel, as they help to improve intestinal transit.