Advantages of Normal Birth for Mother and Baby

Normal delivery is the most natural way to give birth but many women are afraid of pain, however, it is possible to have a normal delivery completely painless, through epidural anesthesia or using other non-pharmacological methods such as bath, , massage or acupuncture.

Advantages of Normal Birth for Mother and Baby

However, one of the most important steps in getting a normal delivery without problems is to take prenatal consultations, as it helps the doctor to know if there is something that prevents the normal delivery, such as infection or alteration in the baby, for example. But if all is well with the mother and the baby, there are no contraindications to the normal birth and just let nature act.

Advantages of Normal Birth for the Mother

The advantages of normal birth for the mother include faster recovery and shorter hospital stay. While mothers who have had a cesarean section need to stay at least 4 days in the hospital, those who have had a normal birth can go home for 3 days. Other advantages are:

  • Lower risk of infection;
  • Favor the production of breast milk;
  • Sentimental ties to the baby occur more easily;
  • The uterus returns to its normal size more quickly.

In addition to every normal birth, labor time is shorter. Usually the first labor lasts about 12 hours, but from the second pregnancy, the time may decrease to 6 hours, but there are many women who can get the baby in 3 hours or less.

Advantages of Normal Baby Delivery

The advantages of normal birth for the baby include:

1. Easier to breathe: as you pass through the vaginal canal, your chest is compressed and this causes liquids from within the lung to be expelled more easily.

2. More activity at birth: the baby also benefits from the hormonal changes that occur in the mother’s body during labor, making it more active and responsive at birth. Babies who are born in normal births when they do not have a cut umbilical cord and are placed on top of the mother’s belly can drag themselves to the breast to nurse without needing any help.

3. Greater receptivity to touch: during the passage through the vaginal canal, the body of the baby is massaged, causing it to wake up to the touch of doctors and nurses at birth not so strange.

4. Calmer: at birth the baby can be immediately placed on top of the mother, which soothes mother and child and increases their sentimental ties, and after being cleaned and dressed, can stay with the mother at all times if both are healthy , since the mother does not need to be observant.

Normal birth can not be performed on a scheduled day, but the obstetrician can indicate the expected date of delivery, which helps parents prepare for the arrival of the baby.